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I am Vivienne Fairest.


I am 23 years old, and I am the perfect Domme Sweetheart!

I am 5’7″ and taller than most women.
My skin is naturally pale and fair,
My hair is white-blonde and goes halfway down My back!
My eyes are blue and I am tall and narrow with surprisingly artful natural curves.
I often get the compliment that I look like a statue of a mythological Goddess!
My feet are long and narrow and feminine, My feet are big feet! size 9.5-10!

I’m intelligent, properly schooled, well-spoken, sweet, kind, and bratty.
I’m especially in-tune with those who experience anxiety!
I’m entirely compassionate to all situations, so don’t be afraid to talk to Me!
I’m not mean by nature. I am sadistic and delight in the suffering of others.
I’m a natural blonde, though I did try out red hair for a couple years.

I take Myself and My services very seriously.
I don’t accept less than what I deserve.

I enjoy knowing that when you’re done your session with Me,
you’re more happy and relaxed and comfortable with taking on life.